The project "Anabiosis"

The idea of an album "Anabiosis" is concentrated not so much to anabiosis as those, how many on idea of flight to the far worlds, even more likely, idea of contemplation of a space distance... and the Earth from a black chasm. I have tried to sound own sight at life, own feelings concerning a universe, looking in an eyepiece of a telescope, and can also a microscope. That I wished to express, I think it has turned out. Practically at me it was the first " electronic experience " which on mine has gone right.

Anabiosis in my representation as a certain condition of life, not so that also it is pleasant, however many alive essences for a long time to such way of life have adapted and do not mourn. For the person this method of existence, let time(temporary), I think it is rather heavy. My music on the given account is rather eloquent: visions if they also visit in anabiosis raise(excite), attract already on the edge of the Universe, there, where you and did not gather absolutely But whether they will return consciousness back?

Igor Starovoytov (Starded)


Igor Starovoytov, 2008. All copyrights are protected.